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Tire rotation; also known as wheel rotation is the practice of swapping the front tires of a car with the back tires at regular intervals.

Rotating your tires helps achieve uniform wear across the full set.


The front tires of a passenger car or truck have to perform several different tasks. In conjunction with the rear tires, they provide traction through direct contact with the road surface. The tires at the front of your vehicle commonly wear out faster than those at the rear.


In order to prevent the front tires from wearing out much faster than the rear ones, a periodic tire rotation becomes necessary.

If you change their positions frequently, it helps them wear more evenly and can help extend the life of your tires



Every second time you get an oil change (roughly every 10,000 to 12,000 km) it’s a good idea to rotate your tires.

If you regularly drive at high speeds, carry heavy loads, or drive long distances, the extra strain might mean slightly more frequent rotations. You should rotate them as soon as possible if you notice any uneven wear.

If they emit a humming sound when you’re driving on a smooth road, it might be time to look into rotation

The tires may also have to be rebalanced at the same time and in particular situation we may suggest a front-end alignment as well

Because it’s important to get your tires fitted just right, we recommend that you come to Everlast Tyre Service have a professional do it

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