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Correct wheel alignment saves on fuel costs (up to 10%) and increases tyre life by up to 25%.

It also impoves ride and driver comfort


Similar to tyre balancing, improper tyre alignment causes intense ware and tare of your tyres that leads to more yearly replacements and more money spent maintaining your vehicle. Avoid this costly annoyance by asking us to fit your new tyres and re-align them. We use only the best equipment with pin point laser accuracy when we re-align our customers tyres. There's no guessing involved or chance for error, everything is 100% guaranteed to be as close to perfect as possible

This diagram will show you how your tyres will become worn and your handling experience poor. You can normally tell if your tyres are mis-aligned as the tyre will become more worn on one side of the tyre. If you notice this then you most likely have mis-aligned tyres. Alignment issues can be caused by general road use over many years but often happen quicker as a result of contacting curbs, taking corners at speed and sometimes when you brake hard for an emergency. This forces the alignment to be off and will only get worse over time. Please get in touch today and ask us about this service and how it can be combined with our tyre fitting services.

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